LA PUENTE, CA – Teachers and staff across Bassett Unified School District are being trained this summer on a new system that collects and summarizes data so they can track each student’s progress and pinpoint educational needs.

Administrators and educators are learning about the new system, Illuminate Education, during workshops held from July 25 through Aug. 9 at Bassett Adult School and Bassett High School.

Illuminate Education is a K-12 assessment and student information system solution used by educators at more than 13,000 schools nationwide. The system lets schools see how students are doing in real time and compiles extensive student profiles that can be accessed by staff. The data will enable teachers to personalize teaching practices to improve educational outcomes.

Illuminate Education specialists are training teachers and staff on tracking daily attendance, transcripts, scheduling, behavior, health and gradebooks. The District previously used Illuminate for limited record keeping, but this year is upgrading to the Illuminate Student Information system, which will have more comprehensive tracking. The new system is also the district’s main system of record for student information and is used for state reporting mandates.

District parents will be trained on Illuminate in the 2017-18 school year, allowing them to track their children’s progress and stay abreast of teacher plans and assessments.

“Teachers are familiar with the Illuminate platform so the transition won’t be a difficult one, but this is a substantial upgrade in terms of our ability to support each student,” Bassett Unified Director of Education and Information Technology Gabriel Rivera said. “Technology is constantly changing and it’s important that we stay current to ensure our teachers have the best tools they need to reach their students.”

The software upgrade falls in line with one of the District’s new Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) goals, which invests in expanding technology and partnering with parents and the community.

“This technology is a measuring stick for our students and for all of us as educators,” Bassett Unified Superintendent Dr. Alex Rojas said. “The District understands the importance in evaluating our practices and adapting to the needs of our students. It’s important that we know more about the areas where we thrive and the areas where we need to continue to improve.”


080216_BASSETT_ILLUMINATE1: Bassett Unified staff test their new Illuminate Education software during a training session at Bassett Adult School.