Azusa, CA – More than 800 Azusa Unified School District junior high students were encouraged to set their minds on college during the sixth annual Eighth-Grade Majors Fair on March 17 – an annual event that showcases a variety of college majors to get students excited for their futures.

Hosted at Azusa Memorial Park North Recreation Center, Eighth-graders from Center, Foothill, and Slauson middle schools engaged with professors and current students from Azusa Pacific University, Cal Poly Pomona and Citrus College at the “Passport to Your Future” event. Booths with color-coordinated balloons created a pathway for Azusa students to explore majors ranging from anthropology, nursing, psychology, graphic design, and theology.

With more than 20 majors represented, students ventured through a wide variety of disciplines for potential study in high school that could ultimately lead to declared major in college.

“It is never too early to get our students inspired and excited about their future career options,” Superintendent Dr. Linda Kaminski said. “The Eighth-Grade Majors Fair continues to demonstrate year after year the importance of a community effort when it comes to planning for our students’ bright futures.”

Thanks to a partnership between Azusa Pacific University, Cal Poly Pomona and Citrus College, Azusa Unified students exclusively benefitted from the Eighth-Grade Majors Fair. In small groups, students took turns visiting each booth to get a hands-on introduction to a major that sparked their interest.

“I’ve always enjoyed video games, and after seeing the technology and design booth, I can see how I can make my hobby a career,” Foothill student Link Aguilar said. “The coding program was really fun too, and I want to explore that area more.”

The physics booth was a popular destination, with a display of sparks emitted by a static electricity generator and demonstrations on positive and negative charges using two pieces of tape. While at the nutrition station, students toyed with honesty when asked how often they indulge in sodas and chips, which was followed by a lesson on the addicting and harmful chemicals found in over-processed products.

There was also a moment for relaxation with estheticians utilizing their beauty skills on select student volunteers. Extracurricular activities such as volleyball and football were also highlighted to showcase the full college experience.

The annual Eighth Grade Majors Fair is made possible each year thanks to the efforts of local administrators and college student volunteers who donate their time to inspire future generations.

Eighth Grade Majors Fair: Azusa Unified School District students experiment with the science behind kinetic energy at the physics booth during the sixth annual Eighth Grade Majors Fair on March 17.