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Monrovia Unified School District

  • 325 E. Huntington Drive, Monrovia, CA 91016 • 626-471-2000
  • Nestled in the San Gabriel foothills, Monrovia Unified School District is an award-winning district, offering world-class schools and programs for students of all ages. Five elementary schools, two middle schools, and one comprehensive high school provide the core K-12 program. These are augmented by an Early Learning Center (child development and pre-K programs), an alternative campus (independent study, home schooling and continuation high school), and a large, active adult school.

  • Superintendent: Katherine Thorossian
  • Board of Trustees: Bryan Wong, president; Terrence Williams, vice president; Ed Gililland, clerk; Chris Rich, member; Rob Hammond, member
  • 2015-16 Enrollment: 5,838

Monrovia Unified Offers Parent Program Guaranteeing Cal State University Priority Admission for Students

Follow-up Story: Alicia Bedolla has two children at Monrovia High and wanted to help them pursue higher education, but was unfamiliar with the university system and the steps to get there. Bedolla is now confident she can help her children succeed thanks to the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) program. She graduated from her third year in the program on Nov. 28, guaranteeing priority admission to all California State Universities for her children as long as they meet entry requirements. Media Contact: Nancy Yeang, 909-445-1001 (office) or 909-331-6646 (cell)Read More Photos

Monrovia Unified Third-Grader to Raise $5,000 for Children’s Hospital

Follow-up Story: Bradoaks Elementary School third-grader Hannah Iler is selling Hannah’s Hound Houses, kits of dog treats, rawhide and peanut butter to make canine-friendly gingerbread houses. Her goal is to raise $5,000 to buy toys and gifts for patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and to support pet needs at the Humane Society. The amount is double what she raised last year. Hannah was inspired to give back to the community after spending time in the hospital for jaw reconstruction surgery last year. Photos are available Media Contact: Nancy Yeang, 909-445-1001 (office) or 909-331-6646 (cell)

Monrovia Unified Parents Graduate from Family Education Program

Follow-up Story: Nearly 80 Monrovia Unified parents received certificates of completion for the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) at Monrovia High School on Nov. 28. The eight-week program promotes a college-going and career-oriented culture by educating parents through workshops, including college entrance requirements, financial aid and how to advocate for their students. Children of PIQE graduates can receive priority admission to the California State University. Media Contact: Nancy Yeang, 909-445-1001 (office) or 909-331-6646 (cell)

Monrovia Unified Middle School Students Celebrate Kindness Week

Follow-up Story: More than 650 Clifton Middle School students took a walking field trip to a nearby theater on Nov. 17 to watch “Wonder” as a culminating event to Kindness Week. The film shows the struggles of a middle school student with a genetic disorder trying to make friends. Clifton sixth-grade teacher Nikole Burgess prepared her students for the screening by showing the film trailer and reviewing the book. Media Contact: Nancy Yeang, 909-445-1001 (office) or 909-331-6646 (cell)Read More Photos

Monrovia Unified Names History Instructor as Teacher of the Year

Follow-up Story: Student political cartoons depicting current issues, including the Trump administration, LGBT rights and war in the Middle East, cover the classroom wall of 24-year Monrovia High School history teacher Annie Van Dyke. Known for inciting lively debates in her class and tackling provocative topics, Van Dyke’s ability to motivate her students to think beyond their own perspectives on real-world topics has earned her Monrovia Unified’s 2018 Teacher of the Year Award. Photos are available Media Contact: Nancy Yeang, 909-445-1001 (office) or 909-331-6646 (cell)Read More Photos

Monrovia Unified Earns Water Smart School Award for Conservation

Follow-up Story: Monrovia Unified School District has been named a water smart school district by the Upper San Gabriel Municipal Water District (Upper District). Upper District honored Monrovia Unified during the organization’s Waterfest 2017 on Oct. 14, commemorating completion of four months of water conservation upgrades. Media Contact: Nancy Yeang, 909-445-1001 (office) or 909-331-6646 (cell)

Monrovia High Grad Earns Recognition as Future Leader

Follow-up Story: Vanessa Lee, a Monrovia High School Class of 2017 graduate and current Vanguard University freshman, has her sights set on a career in public service after receiving a California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) Certificate of Recognition from Assemblyman Chris Holden over the summer. Lee spent her final semester at Monrovia working as an intern for the CLBC Young Legislators program, traveling to civic institutions in Southern California to observe the roles of municipal services. In July, Lee went to Sacramento to take part in a weeklong workshop studying issues of concern to future leaders. Media Contact: Nancy Yeang, 909-445-1001 (office) or 909-331-6646 (cell)

Monrovia High to Honor Veterans at Memorial Rose Garden

Monrovia High School will honor community veterans at 9 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 9 at its Memorial Rose Garden, 845 W. Colorado Blvd., Monrovia. The garden features plaques to recognize former students who served the United States. Media Contact: Nancy Yeang, 909-445-1001 (office) or 909-331-6646 (cell)

Monrovia Unified Dual Immersion School Holds Moon and Stars Night

Follow-up Story: Plymouth Elementary families gazed at a rising, red moon through telescopes, made glowing multi-colored paper lanterns and tasted sweet Chinese moon cakes during the school’s first Moon and Stars Night, celebrating the mid-autumn, or moon, festival on Oct. 6. Plymouth offers a Mandarin dual-immersion program for students in kindergarten through second grade, providing an interactive academic environment for students to learn Mandarin along with the California Standards. The program aims to have students become bilingual and bi-literate in Mandarin while understanding and appreciating Chinese culture. Media Contact: Nancy Yeang, 909-445-1001 (office) or 909-331-6646 (cell)Read More Photos