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Bellflower Unified School District

  • 16703 South Clark Ave. Bellflower, CA 90706 • 562-866-9011
  • The roots of the Bellflower Unified School District stretch back to 1909, when the Somerset School District was formed in the region. The school was one of the main draws for settlers. The school served thousands of students in various incarnations until its demolition in 1951, the same year the community saw the construction of Bellflower High School. The unified school district was formed in 1957. The district operates 10 elementary schools, three high schools, a home study program and a child development center.

  • Superintendent: Dr. Brian Jacobs
  • Board of Trustees: Dr. Sue ElHessen, president; Laura Sanchez-Ramirez, vice president; Debbie Cuadros, clerk; Jerry Cleveland, member; Paul Helzer, D.C., PhD., member

Bellflower Unified Stages Annual Choral Music Festival to Showcase Student Talent

Nearly 400 students from Bellflower Unified elementary, middle and high schools will demonstrate their vocal talents at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 26 at the District’s 13th annual Choral Music Festival, an event expected to draw more than 400 guests. Students will perform music styles ranging from classical and traditional to folk, jazz and pop. The event will be at Bellflower High School, 15301 S. McNab Ave., Bellflower. Media contact: William Diepenbrock, 909-206-5304 (office) or 909-214-6909 (cell) Media Contact: Media contact: William Diepenbrock, 909-206-5304 (office) or 909-214-6909 (cell)Read More

Bellflower Community Enjoys Reading of Narnia Books

Follow-up Story: Families picnicked on Mayfair High School’s lawn while student groups sold snacks to raise funds during the seventh annual Mayfair Reads on April 22, an all-day affair that featured students, faculty and administrators reading from “The Magician’s Nephew” and “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” from the comfort of a green easy chair. Photos are available. Media Contact: William Diepenbrock, 909-206-5304 (office) or 909-214-6909 (cell)

7 Bellflower Unified Schools Named to CBEE Honor Roll for Success on State Measures

Bellflower Unified’s two comprehensive high schools, four elementary schools and home studies program on Monday were named to the Campaign for Business & Education Excellence (CBEE) 2016 Honor Roll as higher performing schools that are narrowing the achievement gap. The Honor Roll shines a light on the bright spots in education by identifying schools that are producing strong student outcomes that outperform expectations and provide a model of best practices that other schools can replicate. Media Contact: William Diepenbrock, 909-206-5304 (office) or 909-214-6909 (cell)Read More

Bellflower Unified Suspensions Plummet after District Implements New Discipline System

Bellflower Unified reduced suspension days by 85 percent in just one year – plunging from 3,245 to 483 – after fully implementing a new discipline system that emphasizes rewards for positive behavior and guides students toward correcting disruptive habits. In addition to the drop in overall suspension days in 2015-16, schools also slashed in-school suspensions by 75 percent, going from 248 to 64, as educators tackled new approaches to correcting discipline. Media Contact: William Diepenbrock, 909-206-5304 (office) or 909-214-6909 (cell)Read More Photos

Bellflower Unified Elementary School Named a Finalist in Environmental Contest

Follow-up Story: Bellflower Unified’s Esther Lindstrom Elementary has been named a finalist in the statewide Trash Free Lunch Challenge, winning a $750 science grant for reducing waste and boosting recycling. The contest is run by Grades of Green, an environmental education nonprofit that shows students how to recycle, reuse and reduce lunchtime waste. Lindstrom learned of the award on March 28 during a visit by judges who were considering the school for a further $250 award as grand prize winner. Media Contact: William Diepenbrock, 909-206-5304 (office) or 909-214-6909 (cell)Read More Photos

Bellflower Unified Expands Teaching Teams to Intensify Math, English Instruction

Bellflower Unified has assigned 10 expert teachers to intensify instruction in math and English language development, providing classroom teachers with additional support for students, lesson plan development, coaching and other instructional supports. The teachers on special assignment, known as TOSAs, share new perspectives and advanced techniques, guiding classroom teachers in boosting their effectiveness at communicating key standards to students. Media Contact: William Diepenbrock, 909-206-5304 (office) or 909-214-6909 (cell)Read More Photos

Bellflower Unified Urges Community to Review New California Schools Dashboard

Bellflower Unified School District leaders are encouraging local families and community members to review the new California Schools Dashboard, which will be released Wednesday, March 15 for a statewide field test. The Dashboard, which is still under construction, is designed to evaluate district, school and student subgroup performance and growth on six state and four local measures. So far, data has been prepared for four measures. The others will become available in fall 2017, when a final version of the Dashboard will debut. Media Contact: William Diepenbrock, 909-206-5304 (office) or 909-214-6909 (cell)Read More

Bellflower Unified Home Studies Program Holds TK-1 Enrollment Session

Bellflower Unified’s Las Flores Home Education Independent Studies Program will hold a meeting at 1 p.m. Monday, March 20 for families considering enrolling children in transitional kindergarten, kindergarten or first grade. Las Flores, a TK-11 school, provides support to homeschooling families, including instruction in core topics and weekly enrichment classes. Las Flores is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges with instruction that meets UC/CSU admission requirements. The school is open to students across L.A. and Orange counties. Call 562-804-6565 or go to Las Flores is at 10039 E. Palm St., Bellflower. Media Contact: William Diepenbrock, 909-206-5304 (office) or 909-214-6909 (cell)Read More

Bellflower Unified Invites Community Review of School Accountability Report Cards

Bellflower Unified has invited community members to review the District's 2015-16 School Accountability Report Cards (SARC), a comprehensive summary of the performance and conditions of each of our public schools. The report cards, made public Feb. 1, are available for review at local schools, electronically on local school websites and on the state Department of Education website. The reports provide an overview of each school and details about staffing, curriculum programs, student performance on state standardized tests, materials, quality of facilities and per pupil spending. Media Contact: William Diepenbrock, 909-206-5304 (office) or 909-214-6909 (cell)Read More

Bellflower Unified High School Athletes Honored at Hall of Fame Fest

Follow-up Story: Five athletic teams and 14 student athletes from Bellflower Unified's Mayfair High School were recognized on Feb. 27 by the city of Lakewood and the Piazza Family McDonald's during the annual Lakewood Youth Hall of Fame celebration. Those recognized included the 2016 CIF champion Mayfair boys wrestling team and 2016 Suburban League champion girls basketball, softball, girls track and field and girls volley teams. Emma Kailiponi was named Scholar Athlete of the Year. Performers of the year were Landon Anderson, baseball; Mone't Ward, basketball; Patrick Coo, BMX; Mercedes Padilla, soccer; Sarah Parten, softball; Brianna Figueroa, tennis; and Justin Pichedwatana, wrestling. Distinguished nominees were Kyle Small, basketball; Kai Emmsley, football; Sydairee Dudley, track and field; Sarah Clausen and Skyler Williams, volleyball; and Andrew Ramos, wrestling. Media Contact: William Diepenbrock, 909-206-5304 (office) or 909-214-6909 (cell)