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Bassett High Students to Feature Short Films at Creative Artists Agency

LA PUENTE, CA – More than 40 Bassett High School students placed themselves behind and in front of Sony Studio cameras before winter break – touring sound stages, observing a film shoot and handling professional equipment – to prepare for producing their own films for an end-of-the-year screening for the Creative Artists Agency.

“They were able to visualize what a career in film could look like,” Bassett High School film teacher Riccarla Roman said. “They realized that people do this and they can be that person too.”

The students are part of a Bassett Unified film pathway taught twice a week by industry professional from the Latino Film Institute Youth Cinema Project.

“Our goal is to help the students become self-directed learners, work in teams, and develop their literacy through film,” Youth Cinema Project executive director Rafael Agustin said. “We have the technology in our pockets and we want to show students how to harness that power to tell their stories.”

Elementary though high school students take specialized workshops, covering the basics of filming – operating a camera, using state-of-the-art editing equipment – to technical film aspects – set design, costumes and legal paperwork. The first semester was dedicated to developing a film script. During the second semester, production begins and students collaborate to put together their final pieces.

“The Bassett Unified film pathway offers the opportunity for our students to continually build their passion and showcase their talents,” Bassett Unified Superintendent Dr. Alex Rojas said. “By exposing our students to professionals from the film industry, they are learning real-world skills to take with them after high school.”


022217_BASSETT_SONY1: Bassett High School students toured sound stages, observed a film shoot and handled professional equipment at Sony Studios before winter break.

022217_BASSETT_SONY2: Bassett High School students used professional cameras at Sony Studios, preparing themselves in producing their own films for an end-of-the-year screening for the Creative Artists Agency.

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